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Some answers to your questions

This is my first time; how do I order? How does this work?

Don’t worry, we got you. We can break down our menu to a few different categories which are Meats, Sides, Breads & Desserts, Drinks and Specials. Our menu is a la carte so you can pick exactly what you want. Ordering meats is like ordering at a meat deli, the biggest difference, is that it’s smoked. We will weigh out the weight amount you request as best as possible, show you the amount of meat on our scale, and confirm whether you would like more or less. Do not hesitate to add on an extra slice or bone, we encourage you to be as specific as possible. Feel free to add on one of our rotating sides and an item from our specials!

Do you offer an online order for pickup?

We do! Click the ‘Order’ tab for same-day pick-ups!

What forms of payment do you take?

We take Apple/Android Pay, Credit Cards and Cash

Do you have a full bar?

No, we do not have a full bar but Capistrano Brewery is located just steps away on the same property. They offer beer and wine.

Do you have live music?

On Occasion for special events but not on a consistent basis.

Do you have vegetarian or vegan options?

We have vegetarian options on most business days which would include seasonal salads. However, we specialize in smoked meats.

Is there a kids menu?

We do not have a specific kids menu available.

Do you offer catering?

Yes we do! We offer catering pick ups currently. Please email us at [email protected] to inquire about catering options.

Can I make a reservation?

We do not take reservations on a normal basis. However, you can email us at [email protected] and we can see what we can do for you!

Do you have daily specials?

Yes, we do! Our chefs and team are constantly creating new and tasty dishes.

Are you accepting stages?

We do not accept stages but we are always looking to bring talented and driven people to join our team.

Is there any way to reserve food or buy bulk?

Yes we do! Please email us at [email protected] or click the ‘Order’ tab for a same day order.

What are your hours?

Getting Hours...


How much parking is available?

San Juan Capistrano has 5 Hour Parking Limits on Ortega Highway and Camino Capistrano. There is also paid parking on Verdugo Street.

What time should I line up?

Weekdays our lines typically begin at 10:45 am, and 10:00 AM on weekends, however, feel free to bring a chair and reserve your spot in line anytime earlier than that!

What time should we get there if we want to order to go?

We have the same line for dining in and to-go orders so always the earlier the better!

Will you have a menu that is some of everything?

We love platters! We’re happy to help you create one perfect for your taste buds. Because everything is sold by weight, we cannot accurately price a generalized platter. Our friendly cashiers can assist you with building one at the window!

Can we BYOB for line up?

We cannot allow consumption of any outside alcohol (beer, wine, spirits) on our property or the property outside of our fences. Please refrain from bringing alcohol on the premises, we definitely appreciate it!

Where can I smoke a cigar?

We do not have a designated area at our restaurant for smoking. If you would like to, there is a lot located behind the restaurant to smoke a cigar or cigarette but we ask that you smoke outside of the property.

What's your phone number?

What’s a phone number?

Is your meat gluten free?

We cannot guarantee our meats are gluten free or safe for those who cannot consume gluten. We have options that are not prepared with gluten, however, we do want to be fully transparent in that regard.

Can I bring my dog?

If the weather is permitting, we would love to have your dog! We also want to ensure that all guests are respected, so we ask that dogs are leashed and can behave well with others.