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Some answers to your questions

Do you take cards? Do you take cash?

We are cashless, so bring your cards. We also accept Apple Pay.

Do you have a full bar?

No, we have a beer and wine license only

Will you have live music?

No, we don’t have an entertainment license

Do you have vegetarian or vegan options?

This one’s for the meat-eaters

Is there a kids menu?

No, all items are by weight, order as much or as little as you like

Do you offer catering?

We can’t accommodate catering requests

Can I make a reservation?

No reservations, we operate in a first-come, first-serve fashion. You are welcome to line up for service as early as you like

Do you have daily specials?

We do not have daily specials per se, but our menu changes seasonally. From time to time we may have something special to offer you “off-menu”

Can I order on delivery apps?

We do not support delivery apps such as postmates, uber eats, or grub hub.

Are you accepting stages?

At this time we cannot welcome stages to our kitchen. If that changes in the future we will be sure to post on our social media.

Is there any way to reserve food or buy bulk?

We cannot accommodate such orders at this time.

What are your hours?

Wednesday – Friday 1 PM until sold out; Saturday + Sunday 12 PM until sold out. Closed Monday + Tuesday

What time should I line up?

We suggest lining up an hour before we open on weekdays and two hours early on the weekend- this ensures that we’ll have what you’re looking for. Bring a folding chair and something to do!

How much parking is available?

Plenty! There’s a structure, a lot, and the street. We’re also conveniently located near a train station

Is the cornbread gluten free?

We cannot assure any of our items are gluten-free.

What time should we get there if we want to order to go?

As early as you’d like. We have one line for all service, meaning you’ll be in line with both take out and dine-in orders.

Do you offer an online order for pickup?

We cannot offer that at this time and be fair to our in-person orders.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Until COVID subsides or health officials no longer recommend masks, we mandate that masks be worn on our property out of an abundance of caution for our staff and our guests’ health. If your health situation dictates that you cannot wear a mask, we invite you to join us when it’s more safe for you.

Will you have a menu that is some of everything?

We love platters! We’re happy to help you create one perfect for your taste buds. Because everything is sold by weight, we cannot accurately price a generalized platter.

Do I have to get in line for seconds?

We advise ordering your entire quantity in one trip through the line. We’re unable to offer a “tab” for your barbecue and you’d have to go through the line all over.

Is there a limit on takeaway orders?

There isn’t! However, you’ll have to answer to the rest of the patrons in line, so order wisely.

Can we BYOB for line up?

We cannot allow consumption of any outside alcohol (beer, wine, spirits) on our property or the property outside of our fences. Please do not bring your own.

Outdoor activities?

We do not offer brewery-type activities due to our limited capacity.

Vegetarian/vegan options

Only if you really like cornbread (vegetarian). This one’s best kept for the omnivores.

Can I keep a tab running?

We do not have an option to keep a barbecue tab open. However, alcoholic beverages are offered on a separate tab which can accommodate a running tab.

How big are the smokers?

Our Harper Barbecue smokers are 1,000 gallons each!

Do you offer ice cream?

We do not have a freezer.

Can I get mac and cheese without the meat?

All of our recipes are batched, meaning many servings made at once. We cannot customize one serving of anything in this way.

Where can I smoke a cigar?

Per the Orange County health code, there is no smoking permitted on the property.